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Princeton Mayor Mark Freda

Mayor Mark Freda ~
Princeton Podcast Host

Rebecca Flemer, Marquand Park Foundation

Rebecca Flemer ~
Marquand Park Foundation Co-Chairman

In episode 52 of the Princeton Podcast, our podcast host, Mayor Mark Freda, welcomed Rebecca Flemer, Co-Chairman of the Marquand Park Foundation.

Marquand Park is a 17-acre municipal park in Princeton known for its historical significance and diverse tree collection. Becca detailed the park’s history, starting from the land’s original ownership by William Penn and its subsequent transfer through notable local families such as the Stocktons, the Browns, and eventually the Marquands. 

Marquand Park features an arboretum with over 170 different tree species, a popular sand play area, a children’s arboretum,  a baseball diamond and picnic areas. 

The Marquand Park Foundation collaborates with the town to maintain the park, preserve its historic trees, and engage the community through tours, educational initiatives, and events such as Arbor Day and Oaktober.

I enjoyed meeting Becca Flemer and learning about the history of Marquand Park. My kids played in the Marquand Park sand play area many years ago and it was popular back then as well. I hope this episode inspires you to visit or revisit Marquand Park soon. ~ Kenneth Greenberg, Princeton Podcast Producer

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