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Princeton Mayor Mark Freda

Mayor Mark Freda ~
Princeton Podcast Host

Andrew Siegel Hamilton Jewelers COO

Andrew Siegel ~
Hamilton Jewelers COO

In Episode 51 of the Princeton Podcast, our podcast host, Mayor Mark Freda, welcomed Andrew Siegel, Hamilton Jewelers COO.

Andrew described his family’s four-generation history of Hamilton Jewelers from its first store established in Trenton in 1912 to its current five stores, three of which are here in downtown Princeton.  

Andrew discussed his lifelong involvement with the Princeton community, including his leadership roles in the Princeton Merchants Association and their transition to Experience Princeton, our special improvement district, aimed at enhancing our local business economic development. 

Andrew also highlighted the challenges and opportunities of managing a local retail business, reflecting on the importance of community engagement, adaptation during economic downturns, and the best activities to enhance Princeton’s local business climate.

It’s great to meet Andrew Siegel since I have known his father Hank Siegel these past 30 years. I hope you enjoy meeting Andrew in this episode as well. ~ Kenneth Greenberg, Princeton Podcast Producer

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