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Mayor Mark Freda, Princeton Podcast Host

Mayor Mark Freda ~
Princeton Podcast Host

Lilana Morenilla, Princeton Mobile Food Pantry Founder

Liliana Morenilla ~
Princeton Mobile Food Pantry Founder

In Episode 45 of the Princeton Podcast, our Princeton Podcast host, Mayor Mark Freda, welcomed Liliana Morenilla, the founder and current board chairman of Princeton Mobile Food Pantry.

Liliana discussed how she started Princeton Mobile Food Pantry, their current activities and goals, and the necessity of donations and volunteers to meet their demand. 

Princeton Mobile Food Pantry serves and supports families in need by providing them with food, clothing, and other essential resources.

I enjoyed meeting Liliana, and gaining a better understanding of the food insecurities within our local community, challenging the upscale stereotypes often associated with Princeton. ~ Kenneth Greenberg, Princeton Podcast Producer

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