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Mayor Mark Freda ~ Princeton Podcast Host

Mayor Mark Freda ~
Princeton Podcast Host

David Nirenberg ~ Institute for Advanced Study Director

David Nirenberg ~
Institute for Advanced Study
Director and Leon Levy Professor

In Episode 44 of the Princeton Podcast, our Princeton Podcast host, Mayor Mark Freda,  welcomed David Nirenberg, the Director of the Institute for Advanced Study, serving as a model for protecting and promoting independent inquiry and the importance of academic freedom worldwide.

David Nirenberg described the Institute’s illustrious history, and  its mission of assembling groups of scientists and scholars from around the world who devote themselves to pushing beyond the present limits of human knowledge. Mark and David also discussed the Institute’s sense of community here in Princeton, as well as the interest in the institute prompted by the recent film, Oppenheimer.

I was pleased to have David Nirenberg as our guest on the Princeton Podcast for this enlightening look into another of Princeton’s significant institutions. ​~ Kenneth Greenberg, Princeton Podcast Producer

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