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Mayor Mark Freda ~ Princeton Podcast Host

Mayor Mark Freda ~
Princeton Podcast Host

David Keddie ~ Walkable Princeton Founder

David Keddie ~
Walkable Princeton Founder

In Episode 42 of the Princeton Podcast, our host, Mayor Mark Freda, welcomed David Keddie, founder of Walkable Princeton.

Founded in 2013 to raise awareness of issues relating to zoning and the built environment in Princeton, Walkable Princeton is an independent group that advocates a positive vision for Princeton’s future, taking full advantage of Smart Growth principles adapted to our community, with the goal of reducing automobile traffic, increasing pedestrian activity, enhancing the tax base, preserving open space, encouraging sustainable living and enhancing a vibrant Princeton downtown.

I enjoyed meeting David Keddie and learning about Walkable Princeton. As a daily walker myself, I appreciate David’s efforts to advocate for smart growth principles that help make Princeton an even greater pedestrian-friendly community. ~ Kenneth Greenberg, Princeton Podcast Producer

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