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Mayor Mark Freda, Princeton Podcast Host

Mayor Mark Freda ~
Princeton Podcast Host

Jill Barry, Morven Museum and Garden Executive Director

David Fox ~
Arm In Arm Executive Director

In episode 37 of the Princeton Podcast our host, Mayor Mark Freda, welcomed David Fox, the Executive Director of Arm In Arm.

Formerly known as The Crisis Ministry, this non-profit organization was founded in 1980 by leaders of Nassau Presbyterian Church and Trinity Church here in Princeton to help community members who were struggling financially. Now, for the past 4 decades, Mercer County families have turned to Arm In Arm for essential resources including food, housing assistance, and financial support.

In addition to discussing Arm in Arm’s evolving role in helping to provide food and housing for those in need, David described the significance of combining work experience with daily training and job search activities.

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