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Mayor Mark Freda, Princeton Podcast Host

Mayor Mark Freda ~
Princeton Podcast Host

Sarah Rasmussen, McCarter Theatre Center Artistic Director

Sarah Rasmussen ~
McCarter Theatre Artistic Director

In Episode 36 of the Princeton Podcast, our host, Mayor Mark Freda, welcomed Sarah Rasmussen, the new Artistic Director of the McCarter Theatre Center.

In addition to discussing her role as the Artistic Director of McCarter Theatre Center, Sarah described McCarter’s Theatre Series of original productions, including ‘Blues For An Alabama Sky’, McCarter’s current production written by Pearl Cleage and directed by McCarter’s Associate Artistic Director, Nicole A. Watson.

Sarah also detailed McCarter’s Presented Series, a innovative mix of performances and cultural attractions including the upcoming performance of Eddie Palmieri and his Salsa Orchestra, McCarter’s Jazz in June series presenting 6 events over 3 weekends including Samara Joy, the 2023 Grammy award winning Best New Artist, as well as the return of the McCarter Theatre Dance Series and Classical Music performances.

Mark and Sarah also touched on McCarter Theatre Center’s Educational and Community Engagement programs including camps and classes for both children and adults.

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