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Mayor Mark Freda, Princeton Podcast Host

Mayor Mark Freda ~
Princeton Podcast Host

Jill Barry, Morven Museum and Garden Executive Director

Jill Barry ~
Morven Museum and Garden Executive Director

In episode 35 of the Princeton Podcast our host, Mayor Mark Freda, welcomed Jill Barry, Morven Museum and Garden Executive Director.

In addition to discussing Morven’s role in the history of our nation, as well as Princeton for the past 250 years, Jill described Morven museum’s permanent collection suite of galleries that tells the story of everyone that lived and worked on this National Historic Site, including Richard Stockton a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Robert Wood Johnson, Jr. and five New Jersey Governors as well as the women, children, three generations of enslaved people, immigrant servants, and later, employees.

Mark and Jill also discussed Morven’s new Stockton Education Center, with its expanded programming, improved gardens, and Morven’s upcoming signature events.

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