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Mayor Mark Freda, Princeton Podcast Host

Mayor Mark Freda ~ Princeton Podcast Host

Shirley Satterfield, Educator & Princeton Historian

Shirley Satterfield, Educator & Princeton Historian

In Episode 23 of the Princeton Podcast, Mayor Mark Freda sat down with Shirley Satterfield, Educator, Princeton Historian, and Founder of the Witherspoon-Jackson Historical and Cultural Society

Shirley discussed her family’s 6-generation history here in Princeton, shared some experiences of her early education at the Witherspoon School for Colored Children on Quarry Street, and recalled some of the difficulties she witnessed during the Princeton School District’s integration efforts in the 1950s.

Shirley’s early career as a teacher and later as a guidance counselor in Princeton area schools, her extensive accomplishments in preserving and sharing the history of Princeton’s African American Community, and her life history of devotion, education, and historical preservation are impressive.

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